Sunday, April 10, 2016

How To Decorate Interior House

The rainy season makes many lazy people to travel. Unless working in an Office, you may reduce the intensity out of the House and pick out shelter from exposure to water.

When that, too, You spend more time indoors and are starting to pay attention to the wall or furniture.

While this is a good time to make some changes to improve the quality and comfort of your residence.

Some design professionals have many tricks that can enliven a room, whether it's to maximize a small space or add dimensions to a larger one.

1. use personal goods

When you want to update a room already occupied for years, or if you think the new home in refreshment, start by selecting, arranging, and keep what is owned.

Create a grouping between objects that are easily moved, textiles, decorative accessories and furniture, or things that represent the people who live there, including you.

Think of an object in the form of woven hand, thick textile, objects that have patina and mix with neutral upholstery.

2. Select large mirrors

Whenever the face of narrow spaces, unadorned or simply blank walls, keep in mind that adding a large mirror will look like adding a window to a room.

This simple trick works well because the reflection gives the perception of the existence of another room on the outside, and as you move around the mirror, so also your view.

3. Lighting

One of the design techniques that can add a timeless touch to the modern interior is the use of light flush-mounted and wall lights.

Ditimbukan impression of this lamp would be different than other lights so it feels more personal.